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Who We Are and Why We Work


Sean Miles Law was founded with the client in mind. After graduating cum laude from North Carolina Central University School of Law, Sean Miles, spent his first years as an attorney learning the ins and outs of the law through the lens of a small business owner. But Sean felt he could provide better and more personal legal services if he started his own firm. That's when he decided to found Sean Miles Law alongside his wife Catherine Miles.

Client Centered with You in Mind was the motto before the firm's name was even settled on. Sean Miles Law was going to be a community legal resource to have access to and hire seven days a week because, as Catherine likes to say, accidents wait for no one. Not only was the firm to be open seven days a week, the firm chose to offer flat rate services so our clients know upfront the total cost. Another way Sean Miles Law is Client Centered is our choice to meet clients in their office. No need for you to interrupt your business to commute to us, we come to you.

Our focus on serving the people in North Carolina allows for us to help people not only from big city urban areas like the Triad and Charlotte but also folks from out in the surrounding counties who also need dedicated, honest, and effective legal services.

Sean and Catherine created this firm for all. Their three young children will grow up learning how to treat people with respect and why having access to legal counsel is vital. Sean Miles Law is dedicated to its clientele, as a family we are here for you.

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